Proverbs 31 (The Righteous and the Sinner See Each Other as Abominations)

Proverbs Chapter 31

The Righteous and the Sinner See Each Other as Abominations
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1 A reprover is better than a stiff-necked man: for when the latter is suddenly set on fire, there shall be no remedy. 2 When the righteous are praised, the people will rejoice: but when the ungodly rule, men mourn. 3 When a man loves wisdom, his father rejoices: but he that keeps harlots will waste wealth. 4 A righteous king establishes a country: but a transgressor destroys it. 5 He that prepares a net in the way of his own friend, entangles his own feet in it. 6 A great snare is spread for a sinner: but the righteous shall be in joy and gladness. 7 A righteous man knowns how to judge for the poor: but the ungodly understands not knowledge; and the poor man has not an understanding mind.

8 Lawless men burn down a city: but wise men turn away wrath. 9 A wise man shall judge nations: but a worthless man being angry laughs and fears not. 10 Bloody men hate a holy person, but the upright will seek his soul. 11 A fool utters all his mind: but the wise reserves his in part. 12 When a king hearkens to unjust language, all his subjects are transgressors. 13 When the creditor and debtor meet together, the Lord oversees them both. 14 When a king judges the poor in truth, his throne shall be established for a testimony. 15 Stripes and reproofs give wisdom: but an erring child disgraces his parents. 16 When the ungodly abound, sins abound: but when they fall, the righteous are warned.

17 Chasten thy son, and he shall give thee rest; and he shall give honour to thy soul. 18 There shall be no interpreter to a sinful nation: but he that observes the law is blessed. 19 A stubborn servant will not be reproved by words: for even if he understand, still he will not obey. 20 If thou see a man hasty in his words, know that the fool has hope rather than he. 21 He that lives wantonly from a child, shall be a servant, and in the end shall grieve over himself. 22 A furious man stirs up strife, and a passionate man digs up sin. 23 Pride brings a man low, but the Lord upholds the humble-minded with honour. 24 He that shares with a thief, hates his own soul: and if any having heard an oath uttered tell not of it, 25 they fearing and reverencing men unreasonably have been overthrown, but he that trusts in the Lord shall rejoice. Ungodliness causes a man to stumble: but he that trusts in his master shall be safe. 26 Many wait on the favour of rulers: but justice comes to a man from the Lord. 27 A righteous man is an abomination to an unrighteous man, and the direct way is an abomination to the sinner.

10 Who shall find a virtuous woman? for such a one is more valuable than precious stones. 11 The heart of her husband trusts in her: such a one shall stand in no need of fine spoils. 12 For she employs all her living for her husband’s good. 13 Gathering wool and flax, she makes it serviceable with her hands. 14 She is like a ship trading from a distance: so she procures her livelihood. 15 And she rises by night, and gives food to her household, and appointed tasks to her maidens. 16 She views a farm, and buys it: and with the fruit of her hands she plants a possession. 17 She strongly girds her loins, and strengthens her arms for work. 18 And she finds by experience that working is good; and her candle goes not out all night. 19 She reaches forth her arms to needful works, and applies her hands to the spindle, 20 And she opens her hands to the needy, and reaches out fruit to the poor.

21 Her husband is not anxious about those at home when he tarries anywhere abroad: for all her household are clothed. 22 She makes for her husband clothes of double texture, and garments for herself of fine linen and scarlet. 23 And her husband becomes a distinguished person in the gates, when he sits in council with the old inhabitants of the land. 24 She makes fine linens, and sells girdles to the Chananites: she opens her mouth heedfully and with propriety, and controls her tongue. 25 She puts on strength and honour; and rejoices in the last days. 27 The ways of her household are careful, and she eats not the bread of idleness. 26 But she opens her mouth wisely, and according to law. 28 And her kindness to them sets up her children for them, and they grow rich, and her husband praises her. 29 Many daughters have obtained wealth, many have wrought valiantly; but thou hast exceeded, thou hast surpassed all. 30 Charms are false, and woman’s beauty is vain: for it is a wise woman that is blessed, and let her praise the fear of the Lord. 32 Give her of the fruit of her lips; and let her husband be praised in the gates.

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