Job 34 (Apart from God, Man Would Destroy Himself)

Job Chapter 34

Apart from God, Man Would Destroy Himself
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1 And Elius continued, and said,

2 Hear me, ye wise men; hearken, ye that have knowledge. 3 For the ear tries words, and the mouth tastes meat. 4 Let us choose judgement to ourselves: let us know among ourselves what is right. 5 For Job has said, I am righteous: the Lord has removed my judgement. 6 And he has erred in my judgement: my wound is severe without unrighteousness of mine.

7 What man is as Job, drinking scorning like water? 8 saying, I have not sinned, nor committed ungodliness, nor had fellowship with workers of iniquity, to go with the ungodly. 9 For thou shouldest not say, There shall be no visitation of a man, whereas there is a visitation on him from the Lord.

10 Wherefore hear me, ye that are wise in heart: far be it from me to sin before the Lord, and to pervert righteousness before the Almighty. 11 Yea, he renders to a man accordingly as each of them does, and in a man’s path he will find him. 12 And thinkest thou that the Lord will do wrong, or will the Almighty who made the earth wrest judgement? 13 And who is he that made the whole world under heaven, and all things therein? 14 For if he would confine, and restrain his spirit with himself; 15 all flesh would die together, and every mortal would return to the earth, whence also he was formed. 16 Take heed lest he rebuke thee: hear this, hearken to the voice of words. 17 Behold then the one that hates iniquities, and that destroys the wicked, who is for ever just.

18 He is ungodly that says to a king, Thou art a transgressor, that says to princes, O most ungodly one. 19 Such a one as would not reverence the face of an honourable man, neither knows how to give honour to the great, so as that their persons should be respected. 20 But it shall turn out vanity to them, to cry and beseech a man; for they dealt unlawfully, the poor being turned aside from their right. 21 For he surveys the works of men, and nothing of what they do has escaped him. 22 Neither shall there be a place for the workers of iniquity to hide themselves. 23 For he will not lay upon a man more than right. 24 For the Lord looks down upon all men, who comprehends unsearchable things, glorious also and excellent things without number. 25 Who discovers their works, and will bring night about upon them, and they shall be brought low. 26 And he quite destroys the ungodly, for they are seen before him. 27 Because they turned aside from the law of God, and did not regard his ordinances, 28 so as to bring before him the cry of the needy; for he will hear the cry of the poor.

29 And he will give quiet, and who will condemn? and he will hide his face, and who shall see him? whether it be done against a nation, or against a man also: 30 causing a hypocrite to be king, because of the waywardness of the people. 31 For there is one that says to the Mighty One, I have received blessings; I will not take a pledge: 32 I will see apart from myself: do thou shew me if I have done unrighteousness; I will not do so any more. 33 Will he take vengeance for it on thee, whereas thou wilt put it far from thee? for thou shalt choose, and not I; and what thou knowest, speak thou. 34 Because the wise in heart shall say this, and a wise man listens to my word. 35 But Job has not spoken with understanding, his words are not uttered without knowledge. 36 Howbeit do thou learn, Job: no longer make answer as the foolish: 37 that we add not to our sins: for iniquity will be reckoned against us, if we speak many words before

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