The Septuagint Audio Bible


(We're still under construction, this channel became popular faster than expected. But we're working fast to bring it all together for you quickly!)

We know you have questions, the answers are here!

This player has all the chapters we've converted so far:

Listen to "Septuagint Bible Series Introduction" on Spreaker.

The Septuagint Bible Text is here

The Full Transcripts (for the non-Bible audio messages) are here with active links to the resources mentioned in the podcast.

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  1. Great work, mate! Love your style of reading, I do. As expected, I have discovered things in the books which I have missed in my previous reading in the paper book )

    1. Hi akarpov! Thanks mate! I appreciate the encouragement!

  2. Found the mention of the translation used in the introduction (duh!), shouldn't have skipped that :)

    1. I apologize I didn't see your comments sooner, akarpov. I'll be on the lookout!


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